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Newsletter Announcements 4th October, 2007

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Lebanon Weekend Releases
Captivity, Stardust, The Magic Roundabout, The Ex

New Movies In Theaters [UAE]

Year of the Dog [TBA]
Peggy (Molly Shannon) is inseparable from her beagle Pencil, as she uses her beloved pet as an excuse to avoid human...

Factory Girl [18+]
This biographical-epic follows the life of Edie Sedgwick, who in the 1960s was considered the artist inspiration for...

Goodbye Bafana [PG-15]
Set in 1968 South Africa, the film begins with the horrors of apartheid and the imprisonment of the underground leader...

Evening [15+]
Ann Grant (Vanessa Redgrave) is lying on her deathbed and is consumed by the memory of the weekend in her youth when...

Prey [PG-15]
Tom Newman (Peter Weller) is an American engineer who has recently moved to Africa with is new wife Amy (Bridget...

Movies in Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt
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Shooter [] by Faizan R

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Coming Soon

Daddy Day Camp
In this sequel to 2003s "Day Day Care", Charlie Hinton (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Phil Ryerson (Paul Rae) have continued...

Movies To Rent [UAE]

Miss Potter
This biographical picture is set in early 20th century Victorian England and follows the life of Beatrix Potter (Renee...

UAE Box Office
1.  The Contract
2.  Hot Rod
3.  I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
4.  Rogue Assassin
5.  Rush Hour 3
6.  Matab Sinaee
7.  The Bourne Ultimatum
8.  Minotaur
9.  Sicko
10.  Black Sheep
US Box Office
1.  The Game Plan
2.  The Kingdom
3.  Resident Evil: Extinction
4.  Good Luck Chuck
5.  3:10 to Yuma
6.  The Brave One
7.  Mr. Woodcock
8.  Eastern Promises
9.  Sydney White
10.  Across the Universe
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