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 Angel Eyes (2001)
Angel Eyes (2001) poster / photograph
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 Genres: Romance, Thriller  Running Time: 1:50 
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, James Caviezel, Sonia Braga

"Angel Eyes" is a story about a seemingly unlikely couple who cross paths under life-threatening circumstances as though they are destined not only to meet but to save each other's lives. Not once, but twice.
Sharon's dedication to her job does little to compensate for the fact that she has no personal life. She has been estranged from her family for many years. Disconnected from them and from life in general, Sharon fills her days with work and her nights with her private regrets.
Somewhere in the same neighborhood a man who goes by the name of Catch is living his own half-life. A strange, haunted soul who sleeps in an empty apartment, he spends his days dispensing little gifts of goodwill to anyone in need. If it starts to rain and he notices a car window open, Catch will roll it up; if a stranger passes by, Catch will offer a smile. Twice a week he delivers groceries to a disabled woman named Elanora Davis (Shirley Knight). He and Elanora exchange the same light banter every time he stops by but she has learned not to ask him the kinds of questions he doesn't want to answer.
To most people who encounter him, Catch is an odd but harmless figure. To some, he appears dangerous, suspiciousÖthey wonder what he is up to. But Catch is indifferent to the reactions he elicits. He moves through the landscape in a kind of existential daze, performing his services automatically as though this is the only thing he was meant to do. Yet he seems to derive no real pleasure from it.
Like Sharon, Catch has no personal life.
When Sharon learns that her parents, Josephine (Sonia Braga) and Carl (Victor Argo) are planning a big party to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows and she has not been invited, she reaches a crisis. At the same time, Sharon's investigations into her new lover's background bring up issues for him that he would do anything to avoid - even if it means never seeing her again.
After years of dealing with their pain in the only way they knew how, Sharon and Catch must make some difficult decisions and risk losing each other if they are going to move forward and reclaim their lives. - © Warner Bros. 2001

Director: Luis Mandoki
Release Dates: UAE - 7 Nov, 2001 / USA - 18 May, 2001
Audience Rating: UAE - 15+ / USA - R
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