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 X-Men 3
 Critic's Rating
 Date Posted
   25th May, 2006
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Cast: Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen
Director: Brett Ratner

X3 is more disappointing than a movie comprising of its talents should be. Employing the same cast as the previous films in the series and nearly the same technical crew, the film is a blunt, weakly realised superhero travesty. As director, Brett Ratner, a questionable choice ever since his announcement was first made, relies on rehashing a lot of Bryan Singer's original elements, afterall, how many times can we see Magneto elevate cars into the air and actually find it exciting? The barebones plot has something to do with a mutant cure that some mutants welcome and others shun, but from this half interesting concept nothing of value ever materialises. There are no standout moments, no interesting new characters (Vinnie Jones as hirsute, pot-bellied Juggernaut is insulting to watch, as is Kelsey Grammer's embarrassing blue painted rug of a man, Beast). Surprising, very little of the action scenes visually entice, because they are either so ridiculously executed (the phoenix vs Professor X segment headlining as one of the worst cinema moments this year) or are simply plain boring (Wolverine kicking arse in a jungle - Yawn!). On a technical level as well, everything that can go wrong does - the effects are painfully obvious and the score by John Powell ill-fitting.

Its sad to say this, but with one film, Ratner not only diminishes the collective memory of what was thus far a formidable film franchise, but also loses respect as a director with a promising future. Unlike Singer who used the settings in his films to hint at bigger themes such as racism and ethnicity, Ratner makes a one dimensional action filled special effects jaunt with little happening despite it seeming to imply otherwise. One important recurring element of both the comics and especially the films was Wolverine's quest to find his identity (think a mutant Jason Bourne), but here he is just another one of Professor X's lackey hanging around at the mansion spouting advice to the kids. The movie is very uneven, not only in pacing, substance and content, but also the way certain mutants are given too much screen time (Kitty Pryde) while others who might have been a big draw, are barely there for a few scant scenes (Angel, swooshing into the air as the music swells and irritates). A sign of a weak script is when it gets its high by killing off characters, and in X3 we get one too many of those. All in all, a movie to avoid if you want to die happy with the memory of the first 2 films. - Faizan Rashid

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