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 The Bourne Supremacy
 Critic's Rating
 Date Posted
   26th August, 2004
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Cast: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox
Director: Paul Greengrass

Stunning, realistic cinematics and an unwavering plot that is pure dynamite from the word go, is exactly what The Bourne Supremacy is all about. The sequel eclipses and raises the bar that was set by it's predecessor, neither deviating nor losing pace, while satisfying it's ambition of providing a delightful espionage thriller, which is particularly hard to come by in modern day cinema.

Matt Damon reprises his role as Jason Bourne, an amensiac assasin living with his girlfriend, Marie ( Franka Potente ) on the  remote coast of Goa in India. Their lives however, are far from heavenly, as Bourne is continously tormented with unpleasant visions of the horrific actions committed by his former self. However, these visions are fragmented. which leaves Bourne to piece together the unnerving puzzle that is his past. The couple's aspiration of a quite life is abruptly brought to a halt, when a fellow assasin tracks them down, in the hopes of terminating Bourne. What transpires is the death of Marie, which leads Bourne to view the incident as yet another attempt by the CIA to track and dispose of him. In the meanwhile, a CIA operation in Berlin has gone horribly wrong with two agents dead, and the head of the ill-fated mission, Pam Landy ( Joan Allen), determines the involvement of Bourne in the killings. This revelation however, is later found to be false, but at that point, the avengeful Bourne and the CIA are on a head on collision course. Subtle twists follow, with Bourne out to prove his innocence, all the while, having revealing and disorienting flashbacks in pefect synchronization with each scenario that he finds himself in. This includes concrete insight into his involvement with the mysterious 'Threadstone' group, which is now found to be defunct. Classic espionage stuff, depicted in sublime and precise fashion.

Matt Damon was born to play the role of Jason Bourne. He is no hero, as are most of the characters in present day mainstream hogwash, but bluntly, is nothing more than a raw killer. His performance is top notch, potraying the different elements of his character in an indistinct yet penetrative manner. The evolution of Bourne from the preceding film, is noticeable, as he displays a faint emotive and sensitive side, if only a trace.. Joan Allen puts in a strong performance as Landy, which is neither overdone nor dull. A credible contribution to a fantastic final product. Julia Stiles' Nicky is also given more screen time, and a different role to fill in, this time around. Brian Cox is wonderful once again as the deluding bureaucrat in a slightly enhanced capacity. A worthy collective performance overall.

Paul Greengrass, the director of the fantastic documentary, Bloody Sunday, injects some fresh life into the project and certainly makes an impact. Greengrass has made the most crucial distinction of directing - Quality over Hype. The innovative visual techniques used in two brilliant car chases, one through the congested streets of India, and the awe inspiring Moscow pursuit, is testament to how realism along with the appropriate stunts can nuture a favoured visual spectacle. Greengrass's quest for perfection ensures the plot remains elementary yet pulsating. A thumbs up with regard to the direction as well.

To sum it up, The Bourne Supremacy is of great cinematic value in comparison to it's contemporaries, and evokes a recollection as to why we were enamoured by films such as The French Connection. Moving away from the unfortunate niche that most sequels hold, The Bourne Supremacy proves to be a standout watch, while remaining intelligent, and more importantly, true to it's objective. - Abhishek Dey

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