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Arabian Nights: Short Films

In July 2006, during the war of Israel on Lebanon, a former Lebanese militia man creates his own dream-like world in London - an obsessive fixation on an imaginary muse. London is associated with democracy, the cosmopolitan, diversity; Beirut is associated with occupation, conquest and stories of endless war.

Running Time: 11 mins | Language: No dialogue
Director: Bass Breche | Country: Lebanon,United Kingdom | DIFF Section: Arabian Nights

BONNE NUIT, MALIK (Good Night Malik)
Malik lives with Bilal, his younger brother. They're both preoccupied with their work. Malik is working on a trial basis at a private club; Bilal must write a poem for school. The alternative views of two brothers.

Running Time: 15 mins | Language: French dialogue with English subtitles
Director: Bruno Danan | Country: France | DIFF Section: Arabian Nights

Since the Israeli aggression during 2006, fiction is for the time being swept aside by the so-called real in Beirut. Turned to stone by the sudden trail of events, it has simply lost its place. This video essay is doubly haunted by the present absence of fiction and the omnipresence of the real.

Running Time: 28 mins | Language: Arabic dialogue with English subtitles
Director: Gassan Salhab | Country: Lebanon | DIFF Section: Arabian Nights

YA ANA... YA HAIFA (Either Me... or Haifa)
Nabeel, a Palestinian journalist, is leading an impossible romantic relationship with Sama'a, a Palestinian refugee living in Denmark. She tries to bring him out of Haifa, so they can live as a normal couple far from political pressures. Will this love story come true or stay virtual? Either Me... or Haifa was named Best Dramatic Short in the Al Awda Festival, Ramallah.

Running Time: 15 mins | Language: Arabic dialogue with English subtitles
Director: Shady Srour | Country: Palestine | DIFF Section: Arabian Nights

PARIS SUR MER (Paris by the Sea)
Wilson, a young immigrant from Benin, dictates a letter to his parents. He tells them about his successful life in Paris, his exciting journey through Africa and lucky passage to Europe. And finally that Paris is situated by the sea. It is too good to be true.

Running Time: 14 mins | Language: French dialogue with English subtitles
Director: Munir Abbar | Country: Morocco | DIFF Section: Arabian Nights

Wed, 12th Dec 2007 3:00pm CineStar Cinemas
Thu, 13th Dec 2007 6:15pm CineStar Cinemas
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