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Today was a day filled with surprises, not because of what I saw, but because who I saw and met. Even while preparing for DIFF (scheduling etc), celebrity spotting was never something that crossed my mind. I've never attended the galas (or intend to) because its too much of a media circus for my tastes and meeting stars seems besides the point when I'm trying to catch as many obscure titles as I can. But when you actually spot one, that too by accident, you can't help but feel a little giddy about the moment.

Right after I had stepped out of 'Still life', I made my way to MoE to catch 'El Custodio' and right when I sitting there and talking to a friend none other than Joshua Jackson and Joy Bryant (stars of 'Bobby') passed me by, escorted by the their liasion from DIFF. All I had time to do was blink and think to myself, boy...Bryant sure is tall (and pretty) in real life.

Wait, it gets better, slightly. After I stepped out of 'El Custodio' my good friend Adnan Khan alerted me to the fact that he had just bumped into our very own Kal Penn of 'Harold and Kumar' fame. I quickly rushed in the direction he had left and lo and behold...there he was being a regular guy just walking around. I stopped him, we had a chat about about H&K, how unfortunate it was that his character died in 'Superman Returns' so he wouldn't be in the sequel and the upcoming sequel to H&K. I wish I had a camera with me, but I forgot to bring it today. Just as he was about to leave, at heart being the movie fan that I am, I stopped him and asked for an autograph (I couldn't believe I was doing this) and he conveniently oblidged! What a sport.

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12th December 2006
Screening Schedule
Cinestar Cinemas
00:30pm Driving to Zigzigland
00:45pm Ontarjatra (Homeland)
01:00pm Unser TaGlich Brot (Our Daily Bread)
01:30pm Beirut Diaries: Truth, Lies and Videos
02:15pm Knowledge Is The Beginning
02:45pm Www: What a Wonderful World
03:00pm The Last King of Scotland
03:00pm Un Matin Bonne Heure (Early in The Morning)
03:30pm Atlal (The Last Man)
03:45pm A Fost Sau N-a Fost? (12:08 East of Bucharest)
04:30pm Amina
05:15pm Qass We Lazq (Cut and Paste)
05:45pm Main Hoon Na
06:00pm Zemestan (It's Winter)
06:30pm Bobby
06:30pm El Custodio
06:30pm Martyr Street
07:00pm Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut (The Death of Shahrukh Khan)
08:15pm Ahlaam (Dreams)
08:30pm Hana Yori Mo Naho (Hana)
09:00pm Old Joy
09:00pm Outsourced
09:15pm Paris Je T'Aime
09:30pm Quo Vadis?
09:45pm Al Sateh (The Roof)
09:45pm La Citerne (The Cistern)
09:45pm Quelques Miettes Pour Les Oiseaux (a Few Crumbs For The Birds)
Madinat Theatre
11:00am Diff Industry Panel: "A Conversation With..."
03:45pm Sanxia Haoren (Still Life)
06:45pm All The Invisible Children
09:30pm Barakat!
Madinat Arena
08:00pm The Wind That Shakes The Barley
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