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One of the biggest complications of getting ready for a film festival is scheduling. I've learned from the last 2 years of attending that no matter how ready you might think you are, you will never be able to see everything you need to. When in a situation like this, the only thing a person can resort to is sacrificing the lesser deserving films from the list one has made (this is a subjective process) and hope to find their way into the remainder. The title's that I've left out of my viewing list this year include such potent names as 'Volver', 'For your consideration' and 'Hollywoodland', not because I don't want to see these, but because compared to titles such as 'Ostrov' and 'Still life', they have a better change of being released here locally.

One thing I did not count on altogether was completely missing out a film that was of interst me. I'm talking about 'All the invisible film' a politically charged film about the effects of war on children includes as director such maverick names as Spike Lee and John Woo. I realised I had not considered the film at all, and by the time I went to pick tickets for it, they had sold out, a casuality of my carelessness. Still, another lesson learned is, don't regret; the free slot afforded by the non-selection of this film has allowed me opportunity to catch the only Argentinian film on the festival 'El Custodio', which I am quite looking forward to. Thats all for out for what happens tomorrow at DIFF. Until then, take time out to look at the reviews we've already put up.

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11th December 2006
Screening Schedule
Cinestar Cinemas
01:00pm Alesh a Lebhar? (Why O'Sea?)
01:30pm Storm From The South
01:30pm The Place I Call Home
02:00pm Ostoghomaya (Hide and Seek)
02:30pm The Bong Connection
02:45pm J'Ai Vue Tuer Ben Barka (I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed)
03:45pm Al Sateh (The Roof)
03:45pm La Citerne (The Cistern)
03:45pm Quelques Miettes Pour Les Oiseaux (a Few Crumbs For The Birds)
04:45pm Quo Vadis?
05:00pm Hekaya Bahrainiya (a Bahraini Tale)
05:30pm Happy Feet
06:00pm Knowledge Is The Beginning
06:30pm Das Leben Der Anderen(The Lives of Others)
07:00pm Old Joy
07:15pm Sound of The Soul
07:30pm Amina
08:15pm The Last King of Scotland
08:30pm El Custodio
09:15pm Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies a People
09:45pm Kubrador (The Bet Collector)
10:00pm Al Gorfah Rakem 12 (Room No. 12)
10:00pm Beirut Diaries: Truth, Lies and Videos
10:00pm Caz (Casa)
10:00pm Kaid Al Insaha'a (Under Construction)
10:00pm Kittat Baladi (Stray Cats)
10:00pm Maraya Al-Samt (Mirrors of Silence)
Madinat Theatre
03:15pm Guimul (The Host)
06:00pm Ahmed Suliman
06:00pm Al Hellah
06:00pm Once Upon a Seed
06:00pm Sama' Sagheera (Small Sky)
09:00pm Atlal (The Last Man)
DMC Amphitheatre
08:00pm For Your Consideration
Madinat Arena
08:00pm Khiyana Shariah (Justified Cheating)
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