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'The consequences of love' has at its core a very interesting protagonist – a forlorn, lonely, seemingly rich resident at a Swiss hotel. As a movie character, at first his speech, mannerisms and odd weary charm seem capable of winning you over, that is until you realize that everyone around him is one dimensional and incapable of being remotely half as interesting. The way this is achieved is by making everyone and everything around this person, named Titta, bland and insipid and this is where the film feels like it is cheating us.

Look at the list of traits Titta possesses - he is an insomniac, a casual drug addict, somewhat of a control freak etc etc, but everyone else is a walking, talking movie cliché. Titta's life at the hotel, we are informed gradually, has revolved around regularity and habitual recurrence of daily activities for the last 8 years. What is his secret and will he give in to the charms and attention of the gorgeous barmaid? The answer to that question lies somewhere towards the end of the film but it becomes tediously tiring and repetitious to watch a man being repetitious.

There isn't much that happens to Titta for a very large portion of the running time. He describes everything and everyone around him in his dry, witty monologues while we strain to retain the significance of what happens. There are about half a dozen subplots, including one involving two hitmen and another about people who count Titta's large wealth, that enter and leave the narrative at their whimsy. The director, also inconsistent, seems intent on creation a portion of what happens with all the frenzy of a car commercial and then suddenly shifts back to normal after the segment is over.

By the time a good ninety minutes or so have passed in this uneven manner, it dawns upon me that 'Consequences of love' might have worked better as a short film and not a full length motion picture. It has a novel approach and great energy that comes and goes, but not enough of those two factors combined to create the spark needed to lift it beyond its quirky, faux feel good setup and the senselessly divergent conclusion. - by Faizan Rashid

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