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DIFF Gala Screenings

A selection of 6 outstanding films that the festival wishes to honored will be given a special evening gala screening at the festival's main venue, the Madinat Jumeirah (The Arabian Resort).

DIFF Film Programs

The films in the following film categories will be screened at various venues including the Mercato Cinema, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, and the Jumeirah Beach Auditorium.

Arabian Nights - Chief Programmer: Masoud Amralla Al Ali
A selection of films by the world's best Arab filmmakers will be showcased as the best of contemporary Arab cinema. A film from this section will inaugurate the DIFF at the opening night Dubai Gala Screening on December 11, 2005.

Arabian Shorts - Chief Programmer: Mohamed Maklouf
This program will showcase short and documentary films from across the Arab world, which either contain a distinct Arabian theme or will be directed or produced by emerging Arab filmmakers.

Emerging Emiratis - Chief Programmer: Masoud Amralla Al Ali
Five films will be selected from the growing talent pool of emerging young filmmakers in the UAE. This component of the program aims to serve as a platform for promising new Emirati filmmakers to share their work with the international film community.

Dubai Discoveries - Chief Programmer: Ziad Khatlan
A group of films from hitherto undiscovered Arab talents from around the world who are presenting their first or second feature films to an international audience.

Operation Cultural Bridge - Co-Programmers: Neil Stephenson and Hannah Fisher
This category focuses on the conflict and misunderstanding between the Islamic and Western worlds. Internationally selected features, documentaries and shorts focusing on tearing down the wall between the two worlds will be showcased here. A film from this centerpiece program of the festival will be selected as the closing Dubai Gala Screening on December 16, 2005.

Café Europe - Programmer: Simon Field
A selection of films from the important film-producing countries of Europe.

Cinema from the Subcontinent - Programmer: Uma da Cunha
This program will showcase the best of Bollywood, but also films from leading filmmakers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Insights from Asia - Programmer: Simon Field
A selection of films from the countries of the Far East providing Dubai audiences with an insight into cinema from the Orient.

Destination Documentary - Chief Programmer: Lucia Rikaki
A selection of 6 documentary films focusing on shining a spotlight on the importance to protect the environment and natural habitat. This program will also feature other non-Arab documentaries and short films from around the world.

In Honor of Africa - Chief Programmer: Nashen Moodley
In 2005, the DIFF is turning its attention to the continent of Africa. One of the world's most beautiful continents, it has attracted increasing attention in recent years and we wish to share with Dubai audiences some of the fascinating films which are being made by Africans and Africa-lovers telling stories about Africa.

Contemporary World Cinema - Chief Programmer: Sheila Whitaker
This scope of this segment is wide and includes works from independant fimmakers across the globe. For DIFF 2005, this segment will focus on works of cinematic excellence by filmmakers from America. A film from this program will be selected as the December 8, 2004 Dubai Gala Screening.

In the Spotlight - Co-Programmers: Raouf Tewfik, Peter Scarlet and Hannah Fisher
DIFF 2005 again presents a special retrospective sidebar program showcasing the work of a distinguished artist from the Arab world, as well as an eminent artist from Asia and Hollywood. The selected individual in the spotlight will have distinguished himself or herself either as an actor or a director. Two seminal films from each honoree will be showcased. The honoured individuals will be Morgan Freeman (Hollywood Actor), Yash Chopra (Indian Producer), and Adel Imam (Arab Actor).

DIFF Special Events

DIFF Social Events
Various parties, lunches and dinners hosted by DIFF throughout the festival to provide networking opportunities for all guests and festival attendees. Details to be announced in due course.

DIFF Discussion Panels & Forums - Coordinators: Hannah Fisher and Masoud Amralla Al Ali
This non-film program will consist of various panel discussions with distinguished members of the film industry who will gather at Dubai Knowledge Village and address topics of particular importance to the Dubai International Film Festival and the local filmmaking community. All panelists, times and dates for the above events to be confirmed.

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