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3pm.Pride & Prejudice.” This film has been made with a lot of good taste. An adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, the feel is very contemporary even though the setting belongs to a previous century. Donald Sutherland should get some serious award recognition for his role here. But if he doesn't then shame on them. "Pride and Prejudice" is a wonderful, entertaining film and it features great acting, gorgeous production values and a promising new director. Full review soon.

6.30pm.Consequences of Love.” It's hip, it's interesting and its also fatally flawed. I'll just let Faizan Rashid tell you all about this one.

8.30pm. I know Faizan Rashid is off to see "Junebug," the critics’ darling at this year's Sundance Film Festival. I am seething with envy because this has been a huge blip on my radar for many moons now. Faizan not only reviews "Junebug" for our conscientious examination but he exceeds expectations by bringing us a great Q&A with director Phil Morrison.

9.45pm.Water.” Thumbs up, a strong film but not the masterpiece some people make it out to be. I’ll be reviewing Deepa Mehta’s latest labour of love soon.

Our DIFF coverage continues with Day 4 -- by Adnan Khan

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