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Day 4 of my Dubai film fest experience was sweet because itís not everyday that you get to meet Sarah Michelle Gellar! 4:30pm: The press conference room at the DIFF arena in the Madinat Jumeirah. The room is charged with impatience and excitement. The tiny but gorgeous Sarah takes her place at the head table and prepares to field questions from press representatives. I remind myself of my conscious decision to avoid asking any Buffy-related questions because there will be a lot of that going around (and I wasnít wrong). The Q&A session starts and lasts about an hour. Iíve done my best to cover the dialogue in the room. Interested to know more? Sure you are Ė just click here!

Next stop Ė Mercato mall. My colleague Faizan Rashid and I huddle into one of the screening rooms for ďThe Corporation,Ē a documentary that will shake up your predeterminations about the social/political/corporate world around you. Iíll let Faizan walk you through our thoughts on it here and the Q&A that followed with the director here.

Closing words Ė only one more day left for the fest? Itís disappointing because (like any fan of cinema) Iím insatiable. But itís also relaxing because I can now finally look forward to taking a breather from my exhaustive schedule in the past few days. Iíll speak to you again tomorrow.

Movie Reviews and Q&As
Sarah Michelle Gellar Q&As - Adnan Khan
The Corporation - Faizan Rashid
The Corporation Q&As - Faizan Rashid
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DIFF Daily Screening Schedule
Madinat Jumeirah
13:30 Shouf Shouf Habibi
14:30 Parades
15:45 Bab El Maqam (Passion)
18:30 The Return
20:00 Gala: Red Dust
21:45 Private
Mercato Cinema
12:45 Deadlines
13:00 The Corporation
13:15 The Hamburg Cell
14:30 Koi Mil Gaya
14:30 Baheb el Cima (I Love Cinema)
16:15 The Olive Harvest
16:45 Raghu Romeo
17:15 Hari Om
18:30 Monsieur Ibrahim
19:15 Against the Tide
19:30 Kandukondain, Kandukondain
20:00 The Prince
20:30 The Corporation
21:30 Deadlines
DMC Amphitheatre
20:00 Five Children and It
Jumeirah Beach Auditorium
12:15 Feast of Dates
14:45 Les Choristes
17:45 Ard Al-Khof (Land of Fear)
22:00 Arabian Shorts Program 1 - Tough Luck, Laalo Kheir (Hopefully for the Best), BerlinBeirut, T for Terrorist
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