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With the end of Day 3 at the film festival, I’m increasingly beginning to feel that Mercato Mall and the Madinat Jumeirah are now my home (imagine that!). Right now I would have to say that I’m in total immersion of my film Zen and you know what – it’s great because this is a slice of heaven for any pure film fan but also taxing given the tight time scheduling.

11:45am at the Madinat Jumeirah: My ears are greeted by rapturous squeals of laughter from an army of kids who had turned out for the screening of the magical “The Polar Express” (read my review here). “Bitter Dream,” the scathing black comedy from director Mohsen Amiryouseffi, then shook me with its mean originality (I mean that as a compliment). My review of the film here. But the somber mood was not to last – I meet my colleague Faizan Rashid at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel around 6pm for the screening of “Les Choristes,” a heart-warming French film that he talks about here. Back to the Mercato “The Motorcycle Diaries” concludes this hectic day on exceptional note (you can find out what I thought about this riveting Che Guevara biopic here).
I spoke to some interesting people and industry folk not all of whom I had the pleasure of photographing. But those that did make it into the frame included Riz Khan, the very popular former CNN presenter, and Vijay Raaz, the versatile Indian actor in town for DIFF to promote his new film “Hari Om.”

Closing words – a very satisfying third day. In my obvious human frailty, I’m beginning to doubt if the remaining two days will be able to equally measure up.

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DIFF Daily Screening Schedule
Madinat Jumeirah
11:45 The Polar Express
12:00 Ahla al Awkat (Best Times)
14:15 Control Room
15:45 Bab’Aziz
17:30 UAE Special Event: Aushba’s Well, Wet Tiles, Cigarettes, Jawhara
17:30 Unveiling Dubai
20:00 Gala: The Grudge
21:15 The Hamburg Cell
Mercato Cinema
11:45 The Kite
13:30 Bend It like Beckham
14:00 Sanduk Ajab (The Magic Box)
15:00 Khab-e-Talkh (Bitter Dream)
15:15 Against the Tide
16:30 Millions
17:30 Khahit Errouh (Threads)
18:00 Funny Girl
18:15 Hari Om
19:00 Koi Mil Gaya
19:30 Bend It Like Beckham
20:45 The Motorcycle Diaries
21:15 Khab e Talkh (Bitter Dream)
22:00 El Kotbia (The Bookstore)
22:15 The Prince
DMC Amphitheatre
20:00 Gagamboy (Spiderman)
Jumeirah Beach Auditorium
12:30 Feast of Dates
15:00 Kit Kat
18:30 Les Choristes
22:00 Arabian Shorts Program 2: 16 Hours In Baghdad, Sign of Belonging
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