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My second day at DIFF was, as expected, pretty busy. Time was a luxury I could not afford. So my decision to convert breakfast into lunch was astute; I won’t even try complaining because being at the exquisite Madinat Jumeirah is always calming on the nerves! I broke the early afternoon in by catching “The Return,” a Russian film destined to be celebrated for years (read my review here). Although there were no celebrity sightings or close encounters today, I did meet some film enthusiasts who were only too happy to hear my diction on Andrei Tarkovsky and Alex Proyas (hey, this is a film festival after all!)

Mid afternoon brought with it screenings at the Mercato mall and a skip, hop and a few kilometers of safe driving later, I joined my colleague Faizan Rashid to catch the whimsical and honest “The Kite” (Faizan reviews it here). With no time to loose, the visually stunning “Hero” was next on our hit list (read my review of this film here). Something that I do want to mention in this space was my shock to see really young kids at the screening for the “Hero.” At the risk of sounding like mother goose, I have to ask how these kids can be allowed to consume such obviously violent material. My disbelief is directed more towards their parents – come on, people, this stuff is great for us adults but hardly suitable for the tiny ones!

Closing words – don’t forget to check out the daily pictures section. Bring on Day 3!

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DIFF Daily Screening Schedule
Madinat Jumeirah
14:15 The Return
17:45 Taal
20:00 Gala: Finding Neverland
Mercato Cinema
12:30 Hero
14:15 Comme Une image
14:30 Khahit Errouh (Threads)
15:15 Baheb el Cima (I Love Cinema)
15:30 The Story of the Weeping Camel
16:45 Lalsalu (A Tree Without Roots)
17:45 The Kite
18:00 Tear of the Cold (Ashk-e Sarma)
19:00 Hero
19:30 Doctor Zhivago
20:30 Milan
21:00 Comme Une Image
21:30 Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters)
22:00 Sanduk Ajab (The Magic Box)
DMC Amphitheatre
20:00 Mr India
Jumeirah Beach Auditorium
18:30 Wall
21:45 Arabian Shorts Program 4 - A Square Meter, Like Twenty Impossibles, Jenin Jenin
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